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New, Inventive Ideas For Window Dressings

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Windows are such a crucial part of a home's interior and exterior beauty. Having the right style can illuminate your home, making it cozy, airy, or even breezy. While choosing the right window is a good start, it's important not to overlook the window dressings and treatments afterward. There's no need to stick with boring old curtains, either–get some inspiration from these four ingenious window treatment ideas, and you'll be well on your way to creating a design scheme that's truly "yours."

For Nautical Inspiration

If you keep a nautical theme–or if you are treating windows near the shore or ocean–there's a quick and easy way to bring that element into your window dressing scheme. Swap out your original curtain rod for an old oar! 

Used oars can be purchased in woods like oak and pine, and can easily be re-varnished to match interior woods if needed. It's cute, quirky, and can help to tie together your design scheme.

For Antique Country Charm

If your focus is more in an older, antique, or rustic country charm, search your local thrift shop for old straw hats. Gather enough to sit on the area above your curtain rod. Add a delicate lace curtain and use the hats to frame the top of it along the rod–it's just the right amount of softness and natural appeal.

If you have trouble with hanging the hats, thumbtacks pressed into a wooden rod is quite effective. You can also use a small, thick piece of wire wrapped around the rod, and then tilted upwards.

Use Stencils For a Fresh Change

Curtains aren't your only option for window treatments. You can gain a fair amount of attractive design and privacy by using window stencils. Generally, you'll want to stick with white or light colors, as they allow more light through than darker colors.

Stencils come in a variety of styles–you can quite literally create stenciled on lace, paw prints, or even temporary holiday designs that can be swapped out. Any department store or craft supply store should have the products you need to make it work. 

Try Indoor Awnings for City Slicker Charm

Awnings aren't just useful for keeping the rain off your head outside. When used as a valance, they can be a great way to provide shade and moderate light in a kitchen. You can even make them right at home if you're handy with simple tools, fabric, and glue. 

The great thing about indoor awnings is that their base is essentially identical–they all start with a similar frame, and can then be covered in any pattern, paint, or fabric you enjoy. A word to the wise, though: fabric tends to offer the most style.

Use Beads Galore and More

The bead curtain may have gone out of style in the late 1980s, but the best thing about today's styles is that they pull inspiration from previous decades. While most were made with wooden beads in the 60s and 70s, you can create your own from any style of bead you like.

Square, flat beads painted in a variety of complementary colors is a great way to accent a flat, solid-color decor with smooth lines. Crystals and glass beads will allow more light transfer, and will cast prismatic light when the sun comes in.  

When it comes to making your own bead curtain, it's all about spacing. The one rule you want to make sure that you follow is that larger and closer beads will provide more privacy, while smaller and more spaced out beads will make it easier to see through your curtain. If you don't want to make it yourself, plenty of department stores have ready-made options available to help you out.

Creating a Happy Home With Great Windows

Your home should always be somewhere you feel comfortable, and getting there often requires a bit of personalization. Don't feel like you're stuck with the same boring ideas! If you aren't happy with what you currently have, maybe it's time to consider renovating. What works for one person may not work for another–and that's where the experts come in. If you have questions about your windows or renovating, contact a local professional for advice. 


19 August 2014