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Two Great Holiday Presents For Your Elderly Parents

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Finding the right present for your elderly parents during the holiday season can be difficult. If they are like many senior citizens, they probably already have a house stuffed full of clothing and unnecessary knickknacks. So you probably have no desire to waste your money on buying more of these types of presents for your parents.

Instead, what you would really like to get your parents is something that they could actually use and would also make their lives easier as they age. In order to do so, consider asking your siblings or other relatives if they would like to contribute money towards buying one of these two useful gifts rather than everyone buying your elderly parents more sweaters and ties.  

Sprinkler System

Have your parents always taken great pride in their lawn and garden? Unfortunately, as they've gotten older, it's probably become more difficult for them to take care of their property. You may also be concerned that your elderly parents could seriously injure themselves while dragging a garden hose and sprinkler around on the uneven ground in their yard.

Purchasing your parents a sprinkler system or drip irrigation system will make it much easier for them to keep their lawn and garden looking great by:

  • Automating the time period the lawn and garden will be watered. Your parents won't have to remember to water their yard with an automatic sprinkler system. Even better, they will no longer accidentally leave the sprinkler on for hours at a time, which could save them money on their water bill. 
  • Keeping weeds at bay. According to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, a healthy, flourishing lawn is the best way to prevent weeds. Why? Because weeds have a hard time germinating if your turf is thick and dense. Their seedlings won't get sufficient sunlight and will die before they can get a foothold in your lawn. This also means less time stooping over and weeding for your elderly parents and less money spent on weed prevention products. 
  • Watering their lawn while your elderly parents are away on trips.  

Computer or Tablet

The number of senior citizens using the Internet today has grown significantly. According to Radio Canada International, only five percent of Canadians who were 75 years of age or older were utilizing the Internet in 2000. That number had increased to 27 percent by 2013.

If your elderly parent has not been introduced to the wonders of the Internet, maybe it's time you purchase them a computer or a tablet. Some of the reasons why Internet access can be so important for your elderly parents:

  • It gives them access to email and instant message services, which will allow them to keep in touch with other family members who may live all over the world. They'll also get to see pictures and the activities of loved ones if they decide to get on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. 
  • Going online can be an interesting diversion for seniors who may be housebound or without transportation. This may be especially important during Canada's sometimes brutal winters when going out may be dangerous. Going on the Internet can also keep them more mentally active. 
  • Your parents can shop online for some products and have them delivered to their house. For a senior who can't drive or has mobility issues, it can be a great benefit to have products delivered directly to their home. 

While these two presents are pricey, they are ones your elderly parents could get a lot of use out of and could make their lives easier in many ways. 


13 November 2014