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4 Bathroom Vanity Ideas To Give Your Renovations A Minimalist Design That Saves Space

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If you are planning renovations for a bathroom in your home, you may want to have a minimalist design that helps you better manage space. The main feature in a bathroom that eats up floor space is the vanity. Therefore, you will want to consider some of the following bathroom vanity ideas to give your renovations a space-saving minimalist design:

1. Cutting A Vintage Dresser in Half to Create A Narrow Vanity with A Bowl Sink

One of the first ideas that you may want to consider is a design for your vanity that combines a more traditional style with a minimalist design. If you can find a vintage dresser that looks appealing to you, try cutting it in half and reinforcing it to attach to your bathroom wall. It can be finished with a bowl sink and custom plumbing fixtures.

2. Using A Smaller Pedestal Vanity Sink That Has A Smaller Footprint and Classic Design

If you want to have a more classic bathroom design that has minimalist features, a pedestal sink may be the right solution. You will want to look for pedestal sinks that have the smallest footprint to give your bathroom a more spacious feel. If you need more storage because there will be none with the sink, consider medicine and recessed cabinet features above the sink.

3. Give Your Bathroom A Modern Feeling and Minimalist Design with a Floating Vanity Sink

You may also want to give your bathroom a modern design with minimalist features. Therefore, you may want to consider using a floating vanity sink design. This can be a small, narrow vanity that only has drawers, or it can also have narrow cabinets to give you more storage below the sink.

4. Narrow Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Design with Shelf Space Beneath A Smaller Cabinet

If you want to have a vanity with more traditional cabinet designs, consider a narrow unit that features open shelves. The open shelves below the sink and cabinet storage can be used to store things like towels and other toiletries. Narrower units will help to reduce the floor space that the cabinets occupy to give your bathroom renovations a minimalist design.

These are some of the space-saving bathroom vanity design ideas that will help give your bathroom a minimalist design. If you are ready to start making over a bathroom in your home, contact a bathroom vanity service and talk to them about some of these ideas for your renovations.


13 March 2020