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Features To Consider For Your New Custom Cabinets

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The quality and condition of your home's cabinets can be an important factor in determining the overall functionality of your kitchen. Due to their vital role, the cabinets can be one of the more commonly replaced parts of a kitchen. Whether you are simply looking to upgrade your cabinets or undertake a major kitchen remodeling project, custom cabinets can give you a wide range of options.

The Depth Of The Kitchen Cabinets

The depth of the cabinets will be an important factor in determining the amount that they can hold. When deciding on a depth for the cabinets, you will want to balance this against the width of your countertops. Otherwise, the cabinets may make it much harder for you to use your countertop space when preparing food. This is particularly true for those that are shorter and need to have the cabinets installed at a lower height. Being aware of these factors as you are deciding on the depth of the cabinets can help ensure that your upgraded cabinets will have the capacity that you want without interfering with your ability to use the countertops.

Exposed Shelving Or Not

Exposed shelving that is built into the cabinet system can be an option that allows you to keep items that you will need frequently in a very accessible place. A common example of this can be using exposed shelving that is built into the cabinets to store condiments, spices, and other frequently needed items. If you decide to opt for cabinets with this type of shelving built into them, it can be useful to consider the weight of the items that you will be keeping on these shelves. Otherwise, you may overload the shelving in a way that causes it to break or fail. When deciding where this shelving should be placed, it may also be necessary to be mindful of where you are placing them. If you are going to store spices and herbs on this shelving, it may need to be placed away from the sink to minimize moisture exposure.

Lights Underneath The Cabinets

A common complaint that people will have about their kitchens can be insufficient lighting. Poor lighting can lead to many problems due to being unable to easily see the items that you are working with. This is particularly true of the space below the cabinets, as there may be a shadow that makes it even harder to see. Including lighting under the cabinets can keep things bright enough for you to easily see while you are working. However, the addition of lighting under the countertops is a feature that many people will fail to consider when they are upgrading their cabinets.

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30 November 2021